Simple Least Squares Data Fitting Applet

The applet should open in its own window. If you don't see the applet after a short while, make sure that you've got a Java-enabled browser like Netscape Navigator.

The applet uses a Householder QR decomposition of the n*m coefficient matrix to solve the least sqaures minimization problem min {||Ax-b||2:x is an m*1 real vector}, where the data appears in then n*1 real vector b. For the linear case, it also performs an analysis of variance. This applet will be extended to an arbitrary multidimensional setting in a sequel (perhaps 'Non-Simple Least Squares Data Fitting'). For Matlab codes relating to the non-simple cases, press here.

Source Code The applet container The applet code A canvas for 2D data plots A text component for Linear algebra routines Data editor interface An extension to the Number class with some basic formatting Function library (F-distribution, others) Provides some example data

Bryan Lewis