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Pre-Algebra & Basic Algebra I-IV
Student Help Web Site-Math Emporium
  Department of Mathematics
Kent State University

Note to students:  You will need to know your Flashline Login and password. See SSO procedures below or instructor to login the first time into ALEKS.


ALEKS TECH SUPPORT NUMBER   714 - 619 - 7090


 ALEKS ten digit course codes must be obtained from your instructor.

 After registering using the SSO procedures, you will always use Flashline to login. At the emporium use the ALEKS course icon. Classic Flashline: At home, sign on to

 Flashline, go to student tools, and then to the lower right  first box click link called ALEKS Basic Algebra Math. Do not click on Math placement links.

New Flashline Fall 16:  Sign into flashline, left column select student, then click on drop down arrow, select  resources, then that drop down arrow select courses and registration, scroll down to Academic Resourses, then select ALEKS.  Since there is a pin on the right corner, pin it to your dashboard.


  SSO Procedures Note: Switching classes only occurs during the add/drop period of each session.
  How to access ALEKS videos part 1  and  part 2 
  How ALEKS Works Video   use earbuds to listen


Tips for learning effectively and getting the grade you want

Seven Ways to Succeed  from Resident Hall Services
  Math Emporium Open Table Hours and Tutor Availability

  ALEKS Minimum Weekly Target Numbers **

Syllabus Basic Algebra Spring 18 ** -  See your instructor syllabus for details at Flashline -  Black Board, My Courses: files,  or ALEKS resource link (upper right hand corner).

Processing Dates Spring 18 H1 and H2
University Academic Calendar 2014-2018

Tutoring Flyer Spring 18  - Free  tutoring (write down the link):

Note: If Flashline is down please use this alternative website when using ALEKS (write down the link):


Cheating and Plagiarism University Policy
Attendance/Absence Univerisity Policiy
Important Dates University Registrar



Campus computers:  Library Second floor room 210, lock down browser. Midterm and Final assessments need to be taken at the college (library 210). Otherwise any internet connection should suffice. If you have problems with your laptop and using ALEKS please contact the helpdesk (330-672-help) located on the first floor library.