Applied Linear Algebra

Spring 2020, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 11am -- 11:50am; MSB 121

Instructor: Jing Li
Office: 360 Mathematics and Computer Science Building
Phone: (330) 672-9111
Office hours: Mon/Wed/Fri: 10am--10:50am and 12pm--12:50pm.

This is an introductory course in linear algebra. The goal of this course is to teach students fundamentals in linear algebra, emphasizing more on its applications. The topics include systems of linear equations, matrix operations, vector spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, singular value decomposition, and their applications.

Math 12002, or Math 11012, or Math 12012, or Math 12021, with a minimum grade of C (2.0).

Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fifth Edition, Gilbert Strang.

Homework will be assigned after each lecture and will be posted on Blackboard. Homework will NOT be collected; solutions to homework can be found through the Text Book's website.

There will be four midterm exams (count 60 points in total to your final points) and the final exam (40 points). The midterm exams will typically be scheduled on Friday in class. The final exam time is Thursday, May 7, 10:15am--12:30pm.

Points earned from your exams will be posted on Blackboard. The final letter grade will be posted through FlashLine after the final exam.

Grading Policy
Your final points, earned from midterm and final exams, will determine your letter grade:
A (90 or above); B (80 or above); C (70 or above); D (60 or above); F (less than 60).

REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT: The official registration deadline for this course is January 19, 2020.  University policy requires all students to be officially registered in each class they are attending.  Students who are not officially registered for a course by published deadlines should not be attending classes and will not receive credit or a grade for the course.  Each student must confirm enrollment by checking his/her class schedule (using Student Tools in FlashFast) prior to the deadline indicated.  Registration errors must be corrected prior to the deadline.

The last day to withdraw is March 22, 2020.   Other important Registrar dates can be found at

STUDENT ACCESSIBILITY POLICY: University policy 3342-3-01.3 requires that students with disabilities be provided reasonable accommodations to ensure their equal access to course content.  If you have a documented disability and require accommodations, please contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester to make arrangements for necessary classroom adjustments.  Please note, you must first verify your eligibility for these through Student Accessibility Services (contact 330-672-3391 or visit for more information on registration procedures).

ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY AND PROCEDURES REGARDING STUDENT CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM: University policy 3342-3-01.8 deals with the problem of academic dishonesty, cheating, and plagiarism. None of these will be tolerated in this class. The sanctions provided in this policy will be used to deal with any violations. For more information, refer to