There are two types of fisherman - those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish.
~Author Unknown

My 'Story'...

     I've been fishing all my life. I grew up fishing for walleye's and bass with my dad, on Ohio lakes. I have fished with a local bass fishing club called Kent Lunker Luggers Bass Fishing club since 1997. I was tournament director, but am taking the time to fish for fun now so I can spend time on other hobbies as well. I have two boats, both are 1979's. One is a walleye boat, the other is a Ranger bass boat. They're not new, but they suit me just fine. I repainted my Ranger this last year - It turned out real nice. I'll put pictures out here when I get more time to scan them in. My nickname is Tack, always has been. If I love anything more than fishing, it's talking about fishing. 
      I'm a roofing maintenance technician and I also do general construction. I also do Auto Body work when needed. I worked in the Auto Body business for over ten years before I realized roofing was safer on my health than painting cars.

My Family...

     I'm single with one son named... what else? Michael! Little Mike is a great partner at work and my favorite hunting and fishing buddy. 

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