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How To's: - How to make fishing knots

Product Links:
LURES - site on antique lures - rapala website - bassproshops online fishing catalog - fishing catalog - another fishing catalog - discount catalog

TACKLE/ACCESSORIES - online tackle catalog?

GEAR/CLOTHING - cool site with t-shirts, mugs, caps and really cool logos


MISCELLANEOUS - Netscape's page for fishing supplies, lots of great places to look for whatever you need.
- CABELA'S OUTFITTER CATALOG, ETC. - Fishing product Patent research page - Plano tackle products

Info Links: - a new fishing site, will be online soon!! check it out!
- Glossary of fishing terms, in case there's something you never heard of before....

Games: - clobbering fish in a canoe - cabela's games - download demos - this page has a fishing game, but remember that the arrow keys move the hook, space bar bring the fish into the boat. - a great sports trivia game - not fishing, but fun - has an interesting fishing game, but look out for lightning!

Free Screensavers: - has link to free Cabela's screensaver - has a free download for screensaver - flyfishing screensaver - screensavers, wallpapers, cartoons... - free captain stumpy screensaver! :) - classy wallpaper and screensavers - another list of desktop themes and screensavers

Kids sites: -14 year olds' webpage - fishing coloring pages
- great page with stories, tips and fan club 

Maps, Nautical Info: - Info on Ohio Rivers + maps and fishing reports - has great information about Ohio and also includes maps of each waterway listed on the site (which is nearly EVERY one)

- FLW e-magazine
- Coast Guard Auxillary - Go here if you are interested in taking a boating safety course
- haven't explored this one yet - looks interesting, has the history of bass fishing - for when you want to see some huge bass, check out the Hall of Fame page on this site... - general info - on all kinds of fish - great online resource for bass fisherman - good site to check out for internet surfing

Tournaments: - B.A.S.S. tournament schedule, etc. - Ohio B.A.S.S. schedule - Ohio River Tournaments - Lakes Tournament Trail - LaDue Reservoir Tournament - Trails for Weekend Anglers (American Bass Anglers) - Lorain County Tournament Trail (Another local Bass Fishing Club) - Shelby County Bass club Tournament Schedule

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