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Listed below are Ohio Lakes (the most extensive list we have so far). You can find a map for each one at:

Acton Lake
Alum Creek Lake
Atwood Lake
Berlin Lake
Bresler Reservoir
Buckeye Lake
Bucyrus Reservoir
Burr Oak Lake
Caesar Creek Lake
Charles Mill Lake
CJ Brown Reservoir
Clark Lake
Clear Fork Reservoir
Clendening Lake
Cowan Lake
Deer Creek Lake
Deer Creek Reservoir
Delaware Reservoir
Delta Reservoirs #1 and #2
Dillon Lake
Dow Lake
East Branch Reservoir
East Fork Lake
Findlay Reservoirs #1 and #2
Findley Lake
Forked Run Lake
Grand Lake St. Marys
Griggs Reservoir
Guilford Lake
Hargus Creek Lake
Harrison Lake
Hoover Reservoir
Indian Lake
Jackson City Reservoir
Jackson Lake
Killdeer Reservoir
Kiser Lake
Knox Lake
LaDue Reservoir
Lake Hope
Lake Logan
Lake Loramie
Lake Milton
Lake Snowden
Lake Vesuvius
Lake White
Leesville Lake
Madison Lake
Magadore Reservoir
Mosquito Creek Lake
New London Reservoir
Nimisila Reservoir
Norwalk Reservoir
O'Shaughnessy Reservoir
Oxbow Lake
Paint Creek Lake
Piedmont Lake
Pleasant Hill Reservoir
Punderson Lake
Pymatuning Lake
Rocky Fork Lake
Seneca Lake
Stonelick Lake
Tappan Lake
The Portage Lakes
Van Buren Lake
Veto Lake
West Branch Reservoir
Willard Reservoir
Wolf Run Lake

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