Summer 2019 Projects

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This year we will recruit nine students to work on three projects described below.

Graph associated to a group (Mark Lewis)

We will explore a graph associated with a group. There are many ways to associate a graph to a group. We will look at the graph whose vertices are the nonidentity elements of the group and there is an edge between two elements if they generate a cyclic subgroup. In the paper with Diane Imperatore, we characterized the groups where all of the connected components of this graph are complete graphs.

Prerequisites: at least one semester of undergraduate Abstract Algebra.

Change Point Analysis with Applications to Large Scale Data (Jun Li)

Change point analysis is a statistical method to identify time points when the system under investigation encounters abrupt changes. High-dimensional time series data are commonly observed in many fields including medical, environmental, financial, engineering and geographical studies. We will study some new methods to detect change points in high-dimensional time series data. The developed methods will span a wide range of topics in applications, including identifying significant genes associated wth certain diseases and cancers and studying dynamic functional connectivity in resting state fMRI data.

Prerequisites: some knowledge in Statistical Computing using R or other software; Matrix Theory.

Last Summer our REU group, successfully developed some new methods to detect change points in high-dimensional time series data. The developed methods were made to an R package HDcpDetect [Okamoto, J., Stewart, N. and Li, J. (2018). HDcpDetect: detect change points in means of high dimensional data. R Package Version 0.1.0.]. The package is available from

Noncommutative Algebra (Misha Chebotar)

This Summer my group will be working on some problems that naturally arise in different areas of Noncommutative Algebra. Possible topics include functional identities; linear preservers; interactions of ring theory, linear algebra and operator theory; radical theory.

Prerequisites: Linear Algebra (Theory of Matrices), Abstract Algebra.

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