One of the graduation requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences is participation in Mandatory Outcomes Assessment conducted by the major program. This requirement can be found in the Arts and Sciences section of the Undergraduate Catalog, under General Graduation Requirements, and is listed on the Major Requirement Sheets for the Mathematics B.A., Mathematics B.S., and Applied Mathematics B.S. degrees.

This assessment is part of the Academic Assessment and Continuous Improvement efforts of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The purpose of the assessment is evaluation of the Department's major programs and it is not used in the evaluation of individual students or instructors.

In the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the Outcomes Assessment consists of:

General descriptions of these requirements are given below. Please click on the appropriate links for more details.

Collection and submission of a Graduation Portfolio is required for all students who are

[NOTE: For students NOT meeting the criteria above, the Graduation Portfolio will consist only of the written version of the Senior Colloquium presentation and the Senior Exit Survey, and will be submitted no later than the last day of spring classes in the graduation year.]

The portfolio will consist of work collected from various designated courses, as well as from two 40000-level courses of the student's choice. The due date for the complete portfolio and Graduation Portfolio Checklist is the last day of classes of the semester of graduation. The contents of the portfolio will be reviewed by faculty after graduation.

All Mathematics and Applied Mathematics majors graduating spring 2004 or later are required to participate in the Senior Colloquium in the spring of the calendar year of graduation. The Senior Colloquium takes place approximately the last two weeks of April each year. Each graduating senior is asked to give a short presentation on a mathematical topic of his or her choice, subject to certain criteria, for an audience consisting of faculty members and other students. Any student who has applied for spring or summer graduation, or who anticipates applying for fall graduation, should visit the Senior Colloquium page in early February for deadlines for submitting contact and scheduling forms and to obtain more information about the colloquium.

A complete and carefully written version of the Senior Colloquium presentation must be included in the Graduation Portfolio. In most cases, this will be the final sample of the student's written work. As such, it should represent the student's best work and conform to high standards of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and neatness. It should be in a final polished form and not in draft form.

Each graduating senior is asked to complete and submit a Senior Exit Survey as part of the Graduation Portfolio. The survey will give the student the opportunity to comment on various aspects of the Department and its major programs. The specific questions on the survey will vary from year to year.

Morley Davidson
Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Mathematical Sciences