Kent State University

Department of Mathematical Sciences


The Kent State University Algebra Seminar is committed to
becoming the highest quality seminar in Mathematics or, indeed,
in any discipline, in this or any other conceivable World, and
endeavors to proactively and assertively thwart all efforts of
rival seminars to prevent the Algebra Seminar from attaining
this lofty and rightful position, by striving to synergistically
create and enthusiastically disseminate cutting edge research in
critical and emerging areas of Group, Ring, and Field Theory,
or any combination or permutation thereof.

Fall 2013

Tuesdays, 2:15-3:30 PM

213 MSB

September 3
Lisa Hendrixson Transitive Permutation Groups in Which
All Derangements Are Involutions
September 10
Lisa Hendrixson Transitive Permutation Groups, continued
September 17
Mike Doyle Some Generalized Characters
September 24
Mark Bissler Sums of Element Orders In Finite Groups
October 1
Mark Lewis Solvable Groups Whose Character Degrees
Are Not Divisible by p2
October 8
Mark Lewis Character Degrees Not Divisible by p2, continued
October 15
Mark Lewis Character Degrees Not Divisible by p2, continued
October 22
Casey Wynn Noninner Automorphisms of Order p
October 29
Ramadan El Sharif Symmetric and Alternating Groups
Generated by a Full Cycle and Another Element
November 5
Ramadan El Sharif
Corey Lyons
Symmetric and Alternating Groups, continued
Induced Characters with Equal Degree Constituents
November 12
Corey Lyons Equal Degree Constituents, continued
November 19
Corey Lyons Equal Degree Constituents, continue some more
November 26
William Montanaro Character Degree Graphs of Almost Simple Groups
December 3
Anthony Harrison Semigroups and Green's Equivalences

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