October 4, 2007

Date of birth:                        June 16, 1944
Date of hire:                         1973
Current rank:                        Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Kent State University
Graduate Faculty Status:       Full Member since 1975


1966 B.A.   Mathematics, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
1968 M.A.
  Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1970 Ph.D.
  University of Wisconsin, Madison


Academic Positions:
1967-69   Teaching Assistant, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1970-71   Assistant Professor, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont
1971-73   Research Instructor, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California
1973-77   Assistant Professor, Kent State University
1977-87   Associate Professor, Kent State University
1987-       Professor, Kent State University

Visiting Positions:
Jan-Apr-1976    Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Apr-Sep-1977   Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics Research Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Sep-June-1988  Visiting Scientist, T.J. Watson Research Center, I.B.M., Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Consulting Positions:
Jun-Aug-1973  Consultant, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
Jan-Jul-1980    Research Scientist, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.


1967-70 NASA Traineeship
1990       NSP Grant DMS-8913209


Spline functions, numerical analysis, numerical quadrature, differential inequalities, approximation theory, classical analysis, optimization


1979-81    Served on University committees for internal review of English and Chemistry programs.
1981-88    Director of Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honorary
1984-86    Chairman, Undergraduate Studies Committee
1984-86    College Curriculum Committee, College of Arts and Sciences
1993-95    College Advisory Committee, College of Arts and Sciences
1996-98    Faculty Senate
1996-97    Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
1996-98     Professional Standards Committee

Jan-1982      Organized a Special Session on Spline Functions for AMS national winter meeting; ten speakers from U.S.A. and Germany.
Dec-1990      Directed CBMS-NSF Conference “Curves and Surfaces: and Algorithmic Approach.”
June-1995     Plenary address, Canadian Mathematical Society. University of Alberta
July-2008     Conference presentation “A context of Sylvester’s theorem on shifted monomial powers” at the
                      Renyi Institute of the Hungarian National Academy of Sciences, Budapest


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  35.  A generalization of a result of G. Polya and its application to a continuous extension of the de la Vallee Poussin means,
         to appear in Journal of Approximation Theory, (2008) (with Terence Hanchin)


   1. Stationary Subdivision, (with W. Dahmen, C.A.Micchelli) Memoirs of the American Mathematics Society, Volume 93,
        number 453, Providence, Rhode Island, l991


   1. C.R. Selvaraj, Professor of Mathematics, Pennsylvannia State Univerisity, Shenango
   2. Daniel Gonsor, Research Scientist, Research Division of Boeing Corporation
Natasha Fontes, Professor of Mathematics, Westminster College, Westminster Pennsylvannia
  Terry Hanchin  (current student), Department of Mathematics, Kent State University


   1.  I contribute reviews on a regular basis to the American Mathematics Society’s Math Reviews; on average,
        two or three reviews a year.
   2.  Refereeing duties for various journals, including Journal of Approximation Theory.
   3.  Department and university committee assignments, such as PhD examination committees.





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