Lothar Reichel

Professor, Kent State University
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Kent State University
Kent, OH 44242

Office: 366 MSB
E-mail: reichel@math.kent.edu
Phone: (330) 672-9114
Fax: (330) 672-2209

My area of research is Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing. Click on ``Research'' below for more details. Syllabi and information on homework for the courses that I am presently teaching can be found under ``Teaching.'' Links to software, software manuals, newsletters, professional societies, etc., can be found under ``Links.''

One of my professional interests is the development of the electronic medium for scientific publication. We started the first electronic journal in mathematics, ``Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis'' (ETNA), at Kent State University in 1993. Papers submitted for publication in ETNA are refereed just like papers submitted to traditional commercial journals. However, differently from commercial journals, access to papers published in ETNA is free. Other advantages of ETNA include The latter feature is presently being developed for ETNA. Authors can append an interface that allows a reader of the paper to carry out numerical experiments of his/her own choice. In this way a reader can gain additional insight into the performance of algorithms, sharpness of bounds, etc. See the interactive supplements for the papers ``Fast Leja points'' by J. Baglama et al. in volume 7 of ETNA and ``On Gershgorin-type problems and ovals of Cassini'' by R. S. Varga and A. Krautstengl in volume 8 of ETNA for illustrations.