MA Program for Secondary Math Teachers

(MST program)

Kent State University

Mailing address

MST program
Jenya Soprunova
Dept. of Math Sciences
Kent State University
Math & CS Building
Summit Street, Kent OH 44242


Jenya Soprunova
soprunova [at]

    The students are required to take at least 32 semester hours of graduate credit with at least 16 semester hours at the 60000 level and 22 semester hours in mathematics. The program features graduate-level courses with advanced content directed at secondary teachers, offered in on-line or mixed format. If the student follows the recommended coursework path the degree would be completed in three years. At the end of the program students make a presentation based on their Capstone project.

    Recommended Coursework (3 years):

  • 15 hours MATH at 50000 level: The students are expected to pick five courses from the list below. Course descriptions are available at Other 50000-level classes may also work. (Talk to the program advisor.)
    • MATH 57077 Advanced Concepts of Algebra (formerly MATH 57091)
    • MATH 57057 Advanced Concepts of Geometry (formerly MATH 57091)
    • MATH 57067 Advanced Concepts of Probability and Statistics (formerly MATH 57091)
    • MATH 52001 Introduction to Analysis I
    • MATH 51021 Theory of Matrices
    • MATH 55022 Linear Geometry
    • MATH 55021 Euclidean Geometry
    • MATH 57011 Theory of Numbers
    • MATH 52021 Graph Theory and Combinatorics
  • 8 hours of MATH courses at 60000 level.
    • MATH 64091 Advanced Problem Solving I
    • MATH 64091 Advanced Problem Solving II
    • MATH 69099 Capstone Project directed by Math faculty, 2 credit hours (formerly taught under MATH 67098)
  • 9 hours of Curriculum and Instruction courses at 60000 level: three 3-hour courses. These courses are offered in the evenings with one class meeting a week.
    • C&I 67225 Research in Mathematic Education (Fall, each year)
    • C&I 67791 Seminar in Mathematics Education (Spring, even years only)
    • C&I 67224 Teaching Mathematics Using Computers (Fall, each year)