Math REU at Kent State University

June 1 - July 24, 2020

Mailing address

REU program
Dept. of Math Sciences
Kent State University
Math & CS Building
Summit Street, Kent OH 44242


Jenya Soprunova
reu [at]
TEL: (330)672-9086
FAX: (330) 672-2209

Program Description

During the first few days, our faculty will give lectures that will explain the projects. By the time the students arrive on campus they will already be familiar with the general description of the projects. These introductory lectures will go beyond this, providing a deeper explanation of the projects and related background. As a result of these lectures, the participants will be aware of the projects their fellow students will be working on, which will help them communicate about their progress in the future weeks.

During the first week we will also provide some training in mathematical software such as GAP, Maple, MATLAB, and R, if necessary for this year's projects. The students will also be introduced to LaTeX that they will later use for writing up their project reports. Graduate students will help to run these sessions.

For the rest of the program the students will be working on their research projects with their advisors. This will typically include meeting with the advisors on the daily basis for an hour, although some advisors may want to meet twice a day or for a longer period of time. The advisors will split the projects into small progressive steps and will closely monitor their students' success. Whenever possible, we will try to involve those of our graduate students who are experts in the mathematics related to the given project.

Starting the second week, every Friday all the REU students and advisors will meet for a seminar where the students will make presentations about their progress. They may talk about something they learned or discovered or about the difficulties they encountered during that week. These presentation will be short and informal.

We will also organize weekly lectures given by our faculty or visitors of the department. The idea of these lectures is to expose our REU students to some beautiful results and constructions in mathematics.

By the end of the fourth week all the students will present oral and written reports on their projects. These reports will reflect on the background they learned and their first steps in their projects. During the eighth week each of the students will make a detailed oral presentation about their project. These talks will be longer and more formal than usual weekly reports, and the students will first practice them with their advisors. They will also submit their final written reports during that week. The expectation is that for some of the students this will be a starting point for a journal article. They will continue working on this with their advisors during the weeks to come.

Informal gatherings will be a regular and important part of our program. One of our aims is that the students get to know each other on a personal level, and bond into a cohesive group that stays in touch after the program finishes. We will organize various outings that may include may include theater and museum trips, hikes and picnics in the Cuyahoga Valley, a trip to the Twins festival, and Blossom music festival.