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Including homomorphism theorems, permutation groups, automorphisms, finitely generated abelian groups, products of groups, group actions, Sylow theorems, p-groups, nilpotent groups, solvable groups, normal and subnormal series, Jordan-Holder Theorem, special subgroups (e.g. commutator subgroup, Frattini subgroup, etc.).


Including matrix rings, polynomial rings, factor rings, endomorphism rings, rings of fractions, localization and local rings, prime ideals, maximal ideals, primary ideals, integral domains, Euclidean domains, principal ideal rings, unique factorization domains, Jacobson radical, chain conditions, modules, factor modules, irreducible modules, Artinian and Noetherian rings and modules, semisimplicity.


Including algebraic extensions, algebraic closures, normal extensions and splitting fields, separable and purely inseparable extensions, theorem of the primitive element, Galois theory, finite fields, cyclotomic extensions, cyclic extensions, radical extensions and solvability by radicals, transcendental extensions.

Linear Algebra

Including matrix theory, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, characteristic and minimal polynomials, diagonalization, canonical forms, linear transformations, vector spaces, bilinear forms, inner products, inner product spaces, duality, tensors.

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Problem List

The table below lists links to files containing algebra qualifying exam problems. The Complete List contains all problems from all areas, or you can choose the sublist of problems in any of the four main areas. Many, but not necessarily all, of the problems on the algebra qualifying exams will be taken from this list. While we have made an effort to make sure all problems are correct, there may be typographical errors or errors in the statements of some problems.

Please report any access problems or errors in the problem lists to white@math.kent.edu

The lists will be periodically updated and expanded. They were last updated on September 7, 2023.

This update includes minor revisions in notation, deletion of a few problems, and addition of some new problems. The problems marked NEW in the lists are the problems that have not appeared on previous exams and have been added since the January 13, 2020 update.

Complete List
Linear Algebra
Group Theory
Ring Theory
Field Theory


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