Summer STEM Academy at Kent State University

June 16 - July 18, 2008

Mailing address

Summer STEM Academy
Jenya Soprunova
Dept. of Math Sciences
Kent State University
Math & CS Building
Summit Street, Kent OH 44242


Jenya Soprunova
Project Director
TEL: (330)672-9086
FAX: (330) 672-2209

Academy Experience

Prepare for Change: Algebra and Trigonometry

The main topic of the academy is Algebra and Trigonometry. As a student in our academy you will take a four-credit course which is similar in content to our department's MATH 12001 Algebra and Trigonometry. We will cover elementary functions and graphs, including polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions, complex numbers, solution of triangles, trigonometric equations and identities. The students will be provided with a textbook and all other materials. Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn both a credit for a high-school class (at the discretion of each school district) and four college credits. This program will prepare you for a calculus course either in college or at your local high-school. The interactive inquiry-based teaching style with an emphasis on problem solving will make this course both educational and fun.

Teaching Preparation

In these sessions you will learn how to present material before a group, how to explain concepts clearly, and how to address questions. Students will also be prepared to act as tutors or teacher's assistants throughout the following academic year in their own school district.

Applications and Technology

We will study various applications of algebra and trigonometry in geometry, physics, astronomy, and other fields. We will solve a multitude of real-life problems. As a student in our academy, you will be provided with a TI Nspire calculator . We will also use mathematics software such as Maple and Cabri. Technology will be used as a helpful tool, rather than a crutch.

Fun Math

One of the aims of our program is to get you excited about math. In weekly afternoon sessions we will discuss a variety of topics in recreational mathematics including games with strategy, logic, combinatorics, pigeonhole principle, invariants, and polyhedra (using the Zome tool). We will also have tournaments in the game of set and the five in a row game. Invited guest speakers will give lectures on exiting topics in mathematics.


On most afternoons when we are not enjoying a guest lecture or are not gone on a museum trip or a lab tour, we will go to the gym to recover from math and play sports, swim in the pool, or climb the wall.

Lab Tours at Kent State

We will visit
  • Physics Labs including a trip to the Planetarium
  • the Liquid Crystals Institute
  • the Chemistry Labs including a visit to 3D Immersive Classroom
  • Olga A. Mural Financial Engineering Trading Floor
  • Museum Trips

    We are planning to visit the Great Lakes Science Center , the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, the Inventors Hall of Fame, and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for special behind-the-scene tours with some emphasis on how the facilities are used by K-12 educators.