Kent State University

Department of Mathematical Sciences


The Kent State University Algebra Seminar is committed to
becoming the highest quality seminar in Mathematics or, indeed,
in any discipline, in this or any other conceivable World, and
endeavors to proactively and assertively thwart all efforts of
rival seminars to prevent the Algebra Seminar from attaining
this lofty and rightful position, by striving to synergistically
create and enthusiastically disseminate cutting edge research in
critical and emerging areas of Group, Ring, and Field Theory,
or any combination or permutation thereof.

Fall 2019

Tuesdays, 2:15-3:30 PM

213 MSB

September 3
Hayden Julius On Maps Sending Rank-k Idempotents to Idempotents
September 10
Xiaoyou Chen Weak Mp-Groups
September 17
Xiaoyou Chen Super M-Groups
September 24
Marcos Ligiero Prime Rings and Derivations
October 1
Ramadan El Sharif On the p-Closedness and p-Nilpotency of Finite Groups
October 8
Ramadan El Sharif p-Closedness and p-Nilpotency, continued
October 15
Rachel Carleton Equally Partitioned Groups
October 22
Brandon Martin Finite Rings of Odd Order With Few Nilpotent and Idempotent Elements
October 29
Zhaoting Wei
(KSU at Geauga)
An Introduction to the BGG Category in Representation Theory
November 5
Zhaoting Wei Tensor Products in the BGG Category
November 12
Jillian Gaietto On the Number of Elements of Maximal Order in a Group
November 19
Jooyoung Shin How Far Can We Go With Amitsur's Theorem
in Differential Polynomial Rings?
November 26
Emily Hoopes-Boyd The Representation of an Idempotent as a Sum of Nilpotent Elements
December 3

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